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I know how tiring it can be to try to find places to advertise your legal, legit massages, so I'm going to share some sites I've learned from and experienced advertising with, the ups and downs of each site. I've made it easy for you to go to these same sites and get all the results I've gotten from these sites. Keep in mind that some sites may work better for some people than others. Results are different for everyone.

Here is the best website! It's a hidden secret so far, but it's slowly getting out there. And that is Massage Pot! This website gets tons of traffic, and it's free to advertise! Plus, you will not get ghosted or flagged on this website. You do need to register to be able to post an ad, and they also require a 20% fee from your appointments that you get through them, which is only fair since they handle all phone calls to ensure you get the best use out of the site. In my experience it was totally worth it though, I highly recommend their professional service to any massage therapist.. I use this website personally and get up to 30 calls a day from here. You will find the URL at the bottom of this article.

Craigslist is a fantastic way to be able to put an ad up for free without getting ghosted or your ad getting flagged as long as you are within the guidelines of the posting rules. You can also post in therapuetic for a fee of $10. I like Craigslist because of how many hits it gets so it's always a winner for people who are just starting up and have small businesses. You will get calls from here. I've gotten up to 20 a day.

Backpage is also a great website for posting your body rub ads. It is not completely free but for all the calls you get it is 100% worth it. They will charge anywhere from $1-$5 per massage ad you post in the therapeutic section. You will need to check them periodically during the day as backpage has a history of taking your ad down and making you pay them again to repost. But all in all backpage has some of the best traffic for the business.

TheEroticReview is a website you can also post on, but not advisable because mostly everyone that goes there is expecting that you do more than just a legal massage. If you do post an ad here, I would suggest that you at least put non-sensual, or non-sexual, in the ad so that no one expects you to be doing that at all.

Adult Search is also good, it doesn't receive nearly the amount of traffic but it's free to advertise and you will be able to get at least 10 calls a day from here. They will also allow you to post a link to your website if you have one, unlike Backpage.

MyProvider is good, however you need to fill out paperwork and pay to even be considered. It could cost up to $60. The best part is that even the people who come to the site also need to fill out paperwork with personal information about themselves so this is relatively safe. Never let your guard down though.

CityVibe is great. They charge $1 to post but I've gotten anywhere from 5 – 10 calls a day from here. This really has good traffic, but here again you need to be specific with your ad and let people know what exactly you do or do not allow.

Naughty Reviews is a cool website where you will be able to build a profile, and advertise your website all for completely free. Plus, your clients will be able to leave you reviews on your body rubs. I think that's probably the coolest part about the whole website, but again you will need to add in your ad that this is non sensual or non sexual. is a fantastic website you can also post on at very affordable prices. The best part is that you will not get ghosted or flagged, you pay and your ad stays up no matter what.

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